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Changes to improve Rabona#53

Rewards chagnes

Some improvements I can see to help people want to play for one is a change to rewards for playing. It does not have to be big rewards, small ones like in Splinterlands ( winning a small amount of DEC for each battle) .
Maybe a small amount of Hive or RBN if we were able to get it off the game . Or an easier way could be a new token just for this purpose.

Tournaments added to game

Another idea could be tournaments.
Like Splinterlands , teams would have a set amount of time I.e. 24hrs , to apply to take part . There would be a cost to register and rewards.
This has worked well for Splinterlands and is also inline with how Football/soccer works in the real world.


In game we already have advertising partners that work as sponsors for our clubs for extra RBN.
Imagine if these were actually business or people that pay to have their name advertised in game . Maybe this one is a bit of a long shot but if it worked out, it would help fund the game.

2 months ago